The Bagua

This beginning is all in frustration. The attempt to find the uniting events and ideas behind Chinese Medicine leads one through rabbit holes of translation and lost texts that can only be misconstrued or built into political agendas or personal tirades. I decided to embark on my own. This attempt is one of trying to maintain a spirit of the characters and the text.

Chinese medicine is a philosophical medicine and a way of life, unlike materialistic medicine where the body is constructed of the minute and then adjusted through elimination or reconstruction. Chinese medicine utilizes the natural to find balance and greater wholes to help to body to learn how to adapt in its situation. There are benefits for both, and both have their weaknesses. Here we will not discuss the weaknesses but try to reconcile the language behind Chinese medicine so that it can be easily related into a contemporary experience.

Looking for guidance in understanding the I Ching, after having 5 books already on the subject, and nothing really completely tangible sinking in my consciousness, I sought out someone more versed in the subject. This lead me to Michael Givens, who puts together the Annual Chinese Medicine Almanac to aid practitioners through the coming seasons of the year in order to anticipate prescriptions through the years moments.

His translation of the Shou gua, delves into an anthroposophic interpretation of the Ba gua, where one can conteplate the pre-heaven and post heaven sequences.

To me there is still a story that is missing, something a bit after Fu xi, and something before King Wen, where the idea of the gua had changed and transmuted from a hunter society to that of an agricultural paradigm.

I first stumbled onto the I ching after being introduced to Runes, after feeling that runes were a little out of the scope of my ethnicity, though there is something that binds the two together in similarity and use.





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