Xing 性 and Ming 命

Of the greatest questions one has on life is that of where did I come from and what am I doing here. Xing, is that of Human Nature, it is the essence of man, his birth, growth, and fruition. Ming, is that of Destiny, or better put directionality of life, purpose, and impulse of living. Unlike the sense of the Hun and Po which were mentioned in the previous article, libidinal drive and automatic selfhood, Xing and Ming have a greater connotation. Nor is it like the Shen and Gui, this is more of a refined sense of being outside of the relation of the external circumstance, and more of an internal knowing. Xing and Ming are of a more primordial sense and of direct continuity of living. For Xing, is greater than that of  the impulse of drives but of a greater sense of mind, and like Shen it is a greater composite sense of personhood that can relate to just the individual, or to the extent of humanity. Human nature with its own intrinsic sense has its multilayered sense of being that can slowly be aware of itself. This is where Ming sets in, it is the individuals path of knowing that leads him/her to cultivate their sense of knowing to go to a larger sense of self and knowing. Ming and Xing feed off of each other and build a greater sense of knowing, in essence a self consciousness that can eventually step out of itself to become a greater good.

A harmonious balance between the two create, a joyful purposeful life.


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