The Bagua

This beginning is all in frustration. The attempt to find the uniting events and ideas behind Chinese Medicine leads one through rabbit holes of translation and lost texts that can only be misconstrued or built into political agendas or personal tirades. I decided to embark on my own. This attempt is one of trying to maintain a spirit of the characters and the text.

Chinese medicine is a philosophical medicine and a way of life, unlike materialistic medicine where the body is constructed of the minute and then adjusted through elimination or reconstruction. Chinese medicine utilizes the natural to find balance and greater wholes to help to body to learn how to adapt in its situation. There are benefits for both, and both have their weaknesses. Here we will not discuss the weaknesses but try to reconcile the language behind Chinese medicine so that it can be easily related into a contemporary experience.

Looking for guidance in understanding the I Ching, after having 5 books already on the subject, and nothing really completely tangible sinking in my consciousness, I sought out someone more versed in the subject. This lead me to Michael Givens, who puts together the Annual Chinese Medicine Almanac to aid practitioners through the coming seasons of the year in order to anticipate prescriptions through the years moments.

His translation of the Shou gua, delves into an anthroposophic interpretation of the Ba gua, where one can conteplate the pre-heaven and post heaven sequences.

To me there is still a story that is missing, something a bit after Fu xi, and something before King Wen, where the idea of the gua had changed and transmuted from a hunter society to that of an agricultural paradigm.

I first stumbled onto the I ching after being introduced to Runes, after feeling that runes were a little out of the scope of my ethnicity, though there is something that binds the two together in similarity and use.





Reconciling ethnographic difference in sublimation

The strangest thing is that this is the first post of this year and likewise, I have found myself in a strange familiar spot, once again. That of writing this post with no idea as to what brought me here except to express an inexpressible strain of thought that encumbers my being. Its not that I consider myself as a philosopher, but find myself woven into a myriad of thoughts that come from the same source. The knowing that these differences come from a symbolic similarity, continues to drive my inquiry.  I seek an understanding that can encapsulate the moment that will clench stronger tangible means. I simply know this is way bigger than me and that at one point it could just unravel and come into a manifold simplicity. An unfolding “A-ha” or an imbroglio of jenga’ed towers . I simply want to laugh, for the demand of it, seeks discipline, understanding, compassion, mindfulness, and a great deal of patience. It swallows up my being, sometimes in a spontaneity that is no other than my own but can be none other but my desiring to become. And it does become, and for that brief moment I can sense this otherness, that is quite mine, one that I can come back to whenever I feel like, but only after the aforementioned discipline and training guides a strong foot hold. Sometimes there are marathons in life. You can train four months for it, you can get that runner’s high for moments during the ardor of your sprints with stretches of pain, yet that marathon only lasts three hours and half, and when you are done, it is done, you are done. After two weeks of recuperation, you can only think to yourself, do I want to do this again? Do I want to go all out? The small little voice in your head says yes and you pick up your things slowly know that your legs and back are jacked, but your pride is completely intact, and no amount of shame can take that moment away from your memory.

SO again this is another year since last writing here, and I am struggling with a Chinese naturalist philosophical view of wellness and that of a Tibetan regimen of the mind/body dichotomy with a western materialist comprehension. I see shamanic world roots that are thematic throughout and grasp at the straws to throw and build an over-arching commentary that can better not just help my life but help this American capitalist consciousness that continually reconstitutes its very being and needs.


Re begun

I started this blog at the beginning of the year to give me a sense of understanding of what I could turn into direct practice. This is my learning practice in self-cultivation. However, the strange thing is that now that I am uploading my first post!

It’s not until something that is very big and it hits you full face front that you are able to actually fully confirm the skeptical experience to be the real. It is something that takes you outside of yourself and puts you in a place where you can barely assimilate the experience as your own. The divisions of real vs illusion and the conventional vs. the universal become very thin or too thick to put together into a cohesive language of your own vocabulary. One has to seek outside of the self to find those who may have had similar experiences or are able to point out what exactly happened to you.

I had a phenomenal synchronicity happen to me this Halloween, where large chunks of my life just seem to click into one. These were parts of myself that were kept separate to myself and others due to my own contradictory nature. It wasn’t until this last weekend that every little thing flowed into a nice little soupy pot with an experience that I could physically taste.
I can simply sum it up with Prahevajra’s last testament to Manjushrimitra.

These are the three precepts that strike to the heart the essential point.

1. Direct Introduction
2. Remaining without doubt
3. Continuing with confidence

When there is a sliver of an opening and you can finally see without hesitation of what you see, then one’s practice can continue with confidence. I have finally gotten a taste of the confidence.